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Apple & Bears is a British family owned business that produces luxury products from the finest and most natural ingredients!

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APPLE & BEARS is a family owned and operated British company that produces luxury cosmetics made from the finest organic and natural ingredients. The formulas are created by a team of specialists dedicated in the field of natural and ecological products.

The manufacturing process pursues ethical and social responsibility towards the environment. Each of the products are manufactured wholly in the United Kingdom.

Apple & Bears' ethical philosophy embraces responsibility for the manufacturing process from sourcing ingredients to transportation and distribution. They also take responsibility for the care of the people who make the products possible and the environment they live in.

Apple & Bears is an official partner of Breast Cancer Care with their commitment to donate a portion of their profits to this very important cause.


  • ECOCERT accredited
  • Contains extracts of real fruit and flowers
  • Paraben and SLS free
  • Free from animal testing
  • Safe and recyclable
  • Socially responsible and ethically bound
  • Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians unless stated